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Natalia Bastun » Bio


Mrs. Bastun teaches all levels of Fine Arts. Her curriculum, precisely developed and based on the fundamental knowledge of Fine Arts, allows students to experiment with a variety of media, such as charcoal, gel pens, nib point ink pens, acrylic paints, watercolor and different collages in various artistic styles (from Renaissance to the Modern Art).
She was born in Kiev, Ukraine, where she graduated from the Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts with BA and MA in Visual Arts, and a minor in Textile. After graduating, she continued to develop and refine her technical skills and her artistic style by working at the Institute of Civil Engineering in Kiev. She successfully produced numerous, highly professional decorative panels for children’s’ hospitals, conference halls, cafes (batik/ painting on a variety of fabrics), restaurants and public pools (ceramic).
During her career she became a leading artist, working with a team of famous architects, interior designers, artists and art historians, who together had a defining impact on the popularization of Ukrainian Art on the international level. In Ukraine, Mrs. Bastun held her personal art exhibitions, as well as participated in group exhibitions. Her works can be found in private collections throughout the world and at the Ministry of Culture in Ukraine.
In the United States, she decided to share her extensive experience and valuable knowledge in art with the younger generation. In Los Angeles, where she resides since the year 2000, she first started working as a TA for her son’s school, and then gradually decided to start teaching art. Her career as a teacher developed at the Lyceum International of LA (a private French-American School). After two years, she decided to transition to the public school system and acquired her Single Subject Teaching Credential at the National University in 2009. She began working as a substitute teacher at several schools in the San Fernando Valley and subsequently was hired as a full-time Art teacher in South Los Angeles. She routinely takes Personal Development classes and is working on her MA in Education.
In her spare time she likes to travel and so far has visited all of the world –renowned museums in Europe, such as: the Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia), the Modern Art Museum in Latvia, Louvre ( Paris), Center of G. Pompidou ( Paris), Museum D’Orsay ( Paris), Museum of Salvador Dali ( Montmartre, Paris), O. Rodin Museum ( Paris), National Gallery in London, British Museum in London, Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Vatican Museum, Pisa Museum, Pompeii, Salvador Dali’s Museum in Figueres ( Spain), Pablo Picasso’s Museum in Barcelona, J. Miro’s Museum ( Barcelona), La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and many, many more.
She is a member of the prestigious Ukrainian Artists Association