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CHAMPS Charter High School of the Arts Multimedia and Performing Visual Arts

 Mrs.. Bastun’s Visual Arts Class
 Dear Parent/Guardian, and Student!

 Welcome to the Visual Arts Class! I am very excited to meet you and look forward to a successful and pleasant school year! Course Description The purpose of this course is to provide a balanced visual arts program. Students will expand their knowledge through exposure to historical foundations, aesthetic traditions, and studio experiences that offer a variety of medium and technique exploration. Career opportunities and arts-related fields will also be explored. Standards: Visual Arts Content knowledge and skills gained during this course will support student achievement based on grade level, Student Learning Standards in the Visual Arts.

 Student will be able to:
• Create and exhibit original paintings/drawings of increasing complexity.
 • Explore a variety of paints, painting tools, and techniques. Some of these include: materials to paint on: paper, watercolor paper, canvas, butcher paper, etc.); drawing materials such as: graphite pencil, markers, gel pen, nib point pen, charcoal, etc.
• Compare, contrast, and analyze art styles.
 • Engage in painting/drawing experiences that heighten personal insight and appreciation.
  • Expand and use art vocabulary for comprehension and analysis.
 • Respond to a variety of artworks and engage in discussions that promote critical analysis and interpretation.
• Integrate visual arts applications and knowledge into the other subject areas.
• Explore careers in the visual arts.
Grading :
Grades are based on the total points earned from homework (Sketchbook), daily dispatches, and art assignments.
100-90% = A
89-80% = B
79-70 = C
 69-60% = D
59-50% = F
You will be given grade sheets for each Art Project, and for each Homework (Sketchbook Assignment).
Extra Credit
 There will be opportunities for extra credit. (Usually it is Artist Research Project and has to include 5 paragraphs).Please don’t ask for extra credit. I will tell you when or if it is available.
Teaching Philosophy
To be successful in my class, students must complete the required work on time, attend class every day, respect others, behave in a reasonable manner and put forth every effort to succeed. I admire effort and am willing to help anyone willing to try.
 Required materials:
 • Two sharpened pencils
 • Eraser
• 3-ring binder
• Manual sharpener
• Sketchbook for the homework
The purpose of homework is to help students develop their technical and artistic skills, and to reinforce what is taught in class. Homework is assigned once a week( Tuesday) and is collected the following week ( Monday). To receive a credit, homework must be turned in complete and on time. In addition, poor quality work may not be accepted or may not receive full credit.
     Student Attendance
 • Attendance is always important and any tardy or absence will affect your grade.
• If a student is absent, he/she is responsible for all assignments given in class.
 • Students with an excused absence will be given adequate time to make up work.

Cleaning and Participation Grade
Your materials and desk area must be kept clean and in order at all times! All checked out materials must be checked-in in a timely manner.

Behavior Grade (cooperation)
Good behavior = E                                    1.Verbal warning
Moderate behavior=S                                2. Personal talk
Bad Behavior =U                                       3.Call home during class
Classroom Rules
 • Behave in a responsible, courteous, and civil manner at all times.
 • Respect all school employees and students.
• Participate in all class activities and complete all assignments.
 • Come to class prepared with appropriate materials.
 • Take care of school materials and property.
 • No eating or chewing gum.
 • Be on time.
 • Have patience with yourself and others.

Positive attitude, hard work, and strong subject interest will make all students’ art experience a happy and memorable one. A negative attitude, disruptions, and indifference will hurt overall achievement and the entire academic experience.

Please read/complete, sign and return by the following day-this will be your first assignment for the beginning of the year.
Period_________ Date__________________

Visual Arts Class Contract for Success

 I,_____________________________, have read the classroom policies and I understand that my success in this class depends on my effort in following these policies. I will be responsible for my learning in Art. Student’s Signature_________________________________________ I have read through the classroom policies with my child and will support him/her so that he/she will be successful in Art class. I will check my child’s 3-ring binder regularly, to follow his/her progress. We have read and completely understand the requirements for getting full credit on sketchbook assignments. Your child will need to purchase a sketchbook to complete all homework assignments in. If the sketchbook is lost during the semester it must be replaced. Parents/Guardian Name_____________________________Signature_______________ Phone #___________________________________