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Donovan Palatino » Mr. Palatino: Quick Bio

Mr. Palatino: Quick Bio

Welcome to Mr. Palatino's webpage!
Through this webpage, I will be posting a myriad of helpful links, reminders, assignments, videos, and our daily agenda as quick posts at the end of each day. This page is an easy way for you, students and parents, to know what is happening in class. This can help if the student is absent, had to miss time due to an appointment, or whatever may come up. 
Also, I am teaching multiple classes and a few different subjects, so please be sure you are looking for the right period that the student is enrolled in to avoid any confusion over which posts or links you are searching for.
Under my photo is a -subscribe- button. This will ask for an email to receive notifications when I make updates to the page. In the same area, there is a -send email- button in order to reach me via email quickly. I do check my emails quite frequently throughout the day, so please do not hesitate to contact me. 
I look forward to working with you and having a great school year!