Beowulf Reading Schedule


Reading strategy:

  • Circle character names
  • Underline important quotes
  • Write down words for vocabulary on the side, and annotate to summarize, ask questions, and add thoughts on the side.
  • Read in sections. As you read, summarize in annotations on the side. After reading each section, check your understanding by reading the No Fear Beowulf version.


Read (skip any sections not listed below)

  • P.1-11, 19-top of 21
  • bottom of 24-26 (top)
  • Bottom of 29 - 40
  • P.44 (@ BEOWULF spake) - top of p.46 (@ CAME now to)
  • P.53 (now further it fell with) - 58 (THE fall)
  • P.61 - top of page 70 (@ THAT battle-toil)